Your skin has a lot going against it. Aging, the sun, even skin conditions such as acne can wear it down and make you subconscious about your appearance. A chemical peel removes the top layer of your skin, revealing the glowing, youthful layer underneath. Here’s what you can expect with your treatment.

Removes Damage

Sun damage, age spots and other blotchy patches are removed after a chemical peel. This evens out your skin tone and, in some cases, lightens it.

Smooths out the Skin

Fine lines and wrinkles disappear after your treatment. If you have acne, regular peels will help with the condition and fade your existing scars.

Improves Skin Quality

A chemical peel encourages collagen production, which is a crucial component to supple skin. Removing the dead cells leaves your face glowing and youthful.

Easy Procedure and Recovery

You won’t be going under the knife with a chemical peel. The process is quick, usually only about 15 to 20 minutes, and your recovery is fast.
These are all the reasons to get a chemical peel, but the most important one is it helps you feel great about you. Why not give your skin and your self-esteem a boost today by contacting a dermatologist to discuss your chemical peel options. You’ll be happy, and more beautiful than you already are, that you did. Call Calais Dermatology Associates at 225-766-5151.