Do you know the odds of developing skin cancer?
Before we answer that question, consider your health routine. We all know we are to eat healthy foods, get plenty of exercise, and a good night of rest. Some of us even drink eight glasses of water a day, take our vitamins, use our seatbelt when driving, and even floss every night. These are excellent habits, but how many of us take the time to perform a skin cancer self-exam?
Perhaps someone close to you has developed skin cancer, well you might be more inclined to keep up with your self examinations. Women are more likely to examine their bodies for skin abnormalities, often when they are performing breast exams or applying lotion or shaving their legs. Men, however, practically never take the necessary time to check their body for unusual bumps or spots.
Here's the answer: One in every five Americans will develop skin cancer in their lifetime. When you get out of the shower, once a month at the least, take the time to examine your skin…and then talk to your dermatologist. Remember, early detection is crucial for success. Calais Dermatology Associates…we are here for you.